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Quenching (TMT) Technology

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J.R. TMT is produced using the world’s most Advanced Quenching technology. Quenched bars are being successfully used in the most parts of the developed world.

The quenching process imparts high strength to the bar using the latest technique of thermo mechanical treatment (TMT) as against cold twisting, which is used to manufacture traditional reinforcing bars.

The continuous process involves passing of bars through a special cooling pipe system where they are rapidly water quenched for a few seconds depending on the size of the bars and then rolling speed. The result of the rapid quenching is hardened martensitic structure on the surface of the bar and a soft core of the ferrite pearlite. The heat at the core of the bar reheats the surface to an equalizing temperature, which gives them high strength and toughness. Our plant is fine tune for consistent cooling and equalizing temperature levels, the two factors which enhances the strength of the TMT bars.